Why it is difficult for sports to develop in India? (Part 3)

Lakshmibai National Physical Education College was established by a decision of the government and the National Physical Education Council in Gwalior in 1957. One of the two institutes of physical education and sport in the country.

Preparing physical education teachers and teachers for schools, colleges and universities, conducting research in the field of physical education and sports. College time is three years. There is a university.

The National Sports Institute was established in 1961 in the city of Patial under a special decree of the Indian Government. Agreement with the same issues as the Lakshmibai National Physical Education College. Since 1963, it has opened three-year individual courses in many sports including swimming, basketball, table tennis, cricket.

Previously, the institute had trained coaches in hockey, wrestling, volleyball, gymnastics, athletics, football and badminton. From 1961 to 1973, the Patial National Academy of Sports graduated more than 2 thousand coaches in various sports.

In December 1974, a conference of ministers of education, social welfare and culture of different countries was held in India, dedicated to youth and student-related issues. in sports, and ways and methods of developing domestic sports.

Indian athletes participate in world championships, Asian games, British Commonwealth games, Davis Cup games in tennis, regional competitions in table tennis, grass hockey, volleyball and other sports.

India is a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). An IOC member for India since 1974 is Raja Bhalindra Singh. Representatives of India are members of many international associations and sports federations: International University Sports Federation (FISU), International Railway Sports Federation (USIC), World Chess Federation (FIDE).

Every year, India’s sports relations are expanding with the Soviet Union and other socialist countries. The Soviet Union, in particular, assisted India in training national sports staff. At various times, Soviet wrestling, athletics and weight training coaches worked in India. Soviet chess and gymnastics came to India with demonstrations.

In recent years, Soviet and Indian athletes have held friendly matches in football, wrestling and met in the semi-finals for the Davis Tennis Tournament. Indian athletes participated in the Soviet Armed Forces championship in athletics.