Why it is difficult for sports to develop in India? (Part 2)

Dimkhana Ground Stadium is also located in the capital of India. It can accommodate about 60 thousand people and has a hockey and football playground, a track and field.

Two large stadiums are located in the state capital of Maharashtra, Bombay: the cricket club stadium of India (accommodating about 40,000 people) and Ovalground Stadium (20,000 people). The largest stadium in India is located in Calcutta. Its stall could take over 70 thousand people.

In every state of India, there is a stadium, at every university and college, there are cricket, tennis and volleyball courts, and in some universities there are soccer fields and grass hockey.

Football and hockey on grass are the most popular sports. The country’s oldest East Bengal Club and Mahan Bagun Club in Calcutta were originally founded just like football. In addition, this country has developed athletics, especially long distance running. India’s Srednevniks has more than once successfully performed at major international competitions.

Free Indian wrestlers have some success. This sport is developed primarily in the state of Punjab. Riding is popular in northern India, especially in Rajasthan, tennis – in Maharashtra, badminton and volleyball (a type of badminton) – in the central region of India, chess – in the south of the country. In these sports, as well as cricket and billiards, competitions are regularly held in states and national championships.

In India there are some sports leagues and federations as follows.

All Indian Hockey League;

All Indian Tennis Federation;

All India Chess Federation (uniting chess players of the southern regions of the country. The champion is the fifth consecutive year, India’s only international master, secretary from Madras Manuel Aaron);

National wrestling federation;

National Federation of Athletics;

National cricket federation;

National football federation.

The issue of establishing a National Volleyball Federation is currently under review.

Sports training in India began to be built on a scientific basis. This is facilitated by the establishment of research centers on physical education and sports.