Why it is difficult for sports to develop in India? (Part 1)

India’s sports affairs are governed by an Indian Ministry of Education ministry, headed by a sports advisor. Under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education, the National Board of Sports and Physical Education operates. Its duties include coordinating sports work in all states of the country, organizing competitions, developing sports center construction.

Physical education and sports in schools, colleges and universities are led by the National Youth Council.

The National Council for Physical Education and Sports was established by the Government of India in 1954. However, in recent years, its activity has had a planned character and is beginning to be built on. scientific basis. Currently, it consists of 16 people – the leading sports experts in the country. National Council and Ministry of Education of India report on state sports councils.

In 1969, the National Sports Organization was established in India. Its mission is to help universities and colleges develop various sports. The organization provides them with sports equipment, sports grounds, provides coaches, organizes continuing education courses for coaches, and recommends highly gifted students and students. and special students to sports colleges. Currently, there are about thirty of them in India.

Increasing funding for sporting purposes allows the expansion and modernization of old sports complexes and the start of new construction. The salaries of sport teachers and teachers in schools, colleges and universities have been increased. These measures have a positive impact on the mass character of Indian sports.

Since 1936, the country regularly organizes annual competitions, the National Movement for Physical Improvement. According to official figures, about 2 million people currently regularly participate in sports in India. In order to encourage the country’s best athletes, the government established in 1961 the Arjuna Award (the hero of the epic Mahabharata, according to legend, possessing great strength and ingenuity).

In recent years, a number of large sports facilities have been built. This is a national sports center in New Delhi with a total area of ​​110 acres. It includes a stadium with a football field and a field hockey pitch and a track and field, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, cricket courts, and swimming pools.