Why India does not have a national sport? (Part 1)

Every child who goes to India is taught that the peacock is the national bird of India, the Jana Gana Mana national anthem and the national hockey sport. But surprisingly, hockey is not really the national sport. So what is it?

If you are one of the first year kids to grow up to believe that hockey is the nation’s national sport, you are in for a shock. India does not recognize any particular sport as their ‘national game’. This has been confirmed by the Indian Ministry of Sports.

This revelation became light when a 12-year-old girl named Aishwarya Parashar submitted an RTI request to the Prime Minister’s Office to receive certified copies of the orders related to the national manifesto, sports, songs, birds, animals, flowers and the symbol of the country.

Inquiries about national sports were sent to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In response to RTI, the Department of Sports confirmed that it did not claim any sport or game as a ‘national game’.

This makes us wonder why hockey has long been known as India’s national sport. Some will say that the international success of hockey since the Olympic launch in 1928 has made the sport a household name.

The Indian hockey team won six Olympic gold medals from 1928 to 1956 and 11 until 1980. But since then, hockey has been a major disappointment on the international stage, though, right now. , it ranks fifth in the world.

Cultural relevance becomes the remaining element of a country’s national sports decisions. But because India has so many different cultures, it is difficult to choose a sport that is important for all cultures. Kabaddi is popular in the north, boat racing is popular in the south and football is popular in Bengal. Therefore, it is impossible to find a single sport that is important to everyone.