Top the best achievement in cricket of the Indian all the time (Part 2)

Here we continue to collect top amazing achievements of the Indian cricket team all the time.

As shared in the previous article, India is one of the top best cricket teams in the world. To reach these achievements, the Indian have tried and efforted since beginning date of cricket until now. They always express strong willingness and determination to reach targets. It’s special working style making deeply impressive for any fan of cricket.

3, India reached top 1 in ICC test in 2009

ICC Test is one of the highest professional competitions in cricket. Before India, there are only two team to climb the top 1, including Australia and South Africa.

The Indian team has started to register ICC test since 2001. Then until 2009, after so much efforts, they could become the third team to win. This is impressive achievement to create glorious victories for this team.

To reach this success, it is big contribution of captain Sourav Ganguly. He takes advantages of skills and experiences he has collected at the overseas competitions, then applied to this event excellently.

Besides this captain, we couldn’t miss top 5 stars of the Indian team during ICC test event, including: Tendulkar, Kumble, Ganguly, Dravid & Laxman. These are key members to create winning successfully for the whole team.

4, India won the ICC 2011

In cricket, Cricket World Cup is the highest competition which any team expects to win at least one time. India has also dreamt to become the Champion for this valued title.

Coming to ICC in 2011, they could make their dream to become true through connection among star like Yuvraj Singh- one legend in Indian cricket and other teammates. 

This is the most memorial cricket event for him because he has retired after this tournament.