Top the best achievement in cricket of the Indian all the time (Part 1)

In cricket history at international competitions like ICC, the Olympics, the Indian cricket team is on the top ranking. The truth that cricket is considered as a national sport in India when the pro athletes usually reach good achievements at the international tournaments as well the local love and practice cricket in their daily life. So, cricket is one of the most famous sports in India.

Now, we share top the best achievements which the Indian people have ever reached in the cricket events all the time. These achievements contribute frame and success of this sport at India.

1, Become the Champions in ICC 1983

This is the biggest achievement of the Indian cricket team until now.

In 1983, this was the first time the India defeated the West Indies in the final match with 43 runs to become the second World Champion.

Although they came the finals with less strength than their opponent. By efforts of the whole team, especially the captain Kapil Dev helped them to overcome a stronger team. The moment being Kapil Dev- leader of the team lifted the Cup for winners was memorial in cricket history of the world as well India.

2, Win the ICC World T20 in 2007

This was the first winning at the ICC T20 after many failures before.

Their opponent in the finals was Pakistan who had a rich history for winning.

However, they joined this match with full of confidence and comfort of all members. With the Indian team, receiving an official ticket for finals was a great achievement. So, they tried to play as possible as they could do.

By great expression of team, especially some famous cricketer like Irfan Pathan, RP Singh, they could make impressive success by overcoming a stronger team and lifting the Champions Cup.