Top favorite sports for betting in India (Part 2)

India is a sport nation because all locals love or play sports in their daily life as a lifestyle and traditional custom.

Besides playing sports, they usually place on sport betting while they follow it. As a habit, they only focus on some sports for bets which they love.

In this article, we continue to share top favorite sports the Indian usually use to place betting. Following it to discover more about culture in this nation.

From the former article, we refer the most favorite betting sport at India. It’s cricket. The fact, cricket is considered as a national sport. However, besides it, there are other sports still favorited and chosen to place betting. Please follow our ranking.

2, Hockey

Hockey is also a national sport when it brings a lot of honor and victory during sport history of India. At there, hockey is focused to develop from amateur to professional tournaments.

In India, there are some do some domestic hockey tournaments like Bhubaneswar, or Hockey World Cup which is the biggest international game about hockey. In general, the Indian usually place on two major events through online betting. As a trend, many bettors in the world become more modern when they access to the Internet to place on bets. This betting method brings both advantages and disadvantages for bettors. But in general, online betting is still considered as a lucrative industry in the modern life.

About kinds of bets on hockey, the Indian prefer to use moneylines which predicts the winning and losing team, then decides the odds rate. The teams are divided into two parts: favorites and underdogs team.

In general, the locals tend to use traditional betting types. Especially it offers better greater odds. It becomes more popular and favorited.