The modern and popular sports in India (Part 3)

Mallakhamb is performing various types of postures and exercises from yoga, hanging on poles, wooden poles or ropes. Rumor has it that the sport dates back to the 12th century, but it is uncertain, obviously it was born long ago, as written in ancient Indian chronicles, to form an ideal body. This sport gained a modern look around the 19th century.

Mallakhamb has many types, it is hung and fixed, even on rotating bottles. And the closest of the world famous sports is pylon. Until now, classes in this sport are being held in the Indian army, because it strengthens the body and calms the mind.

In modern times, Indians are fighting for the spread of this sport around the world and Mallakhamb really deserves this, 100% very spectacular and helpful, because this is mostly physical. acrobatic gymnastics. Mallakhamba strengthens the body, and develops flexibility, and agility so that the heap becomes the best it can be.


Kabaddi is a popular team game in India. This is a cross between fighting and tagging. This game appeared more than 4 thousand years ago, but is still very popular in India, where it was born. At the international level, the first game for men took place in 1985 and for women in 2010. Something was quite late for women.

In 1990, kabaddi was included in the program of the Asian Games and from there began to become more and more popular. In general, if you learn the rules, the game is very funny, you can even say it’s BIG for kids. Two teams, each with 12 people, 7 people on the field, 5 people predict their best hours. And so they ran shuttle together on the field, screaming and screaming, touching each other.

But seriously, Cossack is mishandled, or the aggressor, at a convenient time, frantically rushing into the territory of another team, while he has to lure naughty screams from Kabaddi! Or and try to touch any part of the opponent’s body as soon as the breath is over or after touching it, he must return to his camp with a bullet.

In general, there are so many unique modern sports in India. And if you have a chance of visiting this country, do not forget to try playing these sports to gain great experience!