The modern and popular sports in India (Part 2)


Well, first of all, what you need to know about this exciting sport, is a kind of martial art, invented hundreds of years ago, in the area of ​​the 17th century. This was invented by the Indians.

Sikhism, to defend against enemies always attack. They trained a lot and devised different techniques to fight with melee weapons, so they were very good warriors.

By the way, in India, unlike other Asian countries, such as China, where weapons with tongues are prohibited, on the contrary, it’s a mandatory element of clothing worn and worn only by people. out to sleep.

Plot Gatka Last translated as freedom of the Vikings in grace, and it’s not just that. Something reminiscent of capoeira, in which we wrote an earlier article on our website, there was also a lot of dynamism in the squad, the fight went to music, the wrestlers turned very many, as in dance and in the hand, in the hand or a sword and a small sword a shield dressed in the grip of a second hand. The basis of this military dance also includes elements of a kind of meditation, to prolong battle and control.

In battle, different types of weapons are used, there are about 40 of them, and these are different blades, swords, swords, daggers. There is also a very unusual weapon, for example, chakri ‘(rope wheels) or kara scarf, (fighting bracelet), not just an ornament of a turban, a hat which every soldier wears, but also a weapon, this ring sharpens the outer ends. Generally, this scene was not transmitted, in ancient times with the “bloody” prefix.

Currently, of course, a bloody mess failed, gatka was equally spectacular, but did not use a knife. Around the world, a large number of squad schools and other battles have emerged from this Indian national sport.


Mullakhamb is a very wonderful and spectacular national sport of India. The translation of the word is divided into two components, that is “mala” – an athlete and “khamba” – a pole. Wow, has your imagination started painting for me? Of course you’ve thought about extreme vault, but no, get ready to be surprised.