The modern and popular sports in India (Part 1)

India, a hot country, a year-round resort, captivates crowds of tourists with bright colors and breathtaking scenery. It seems that India created exclusively for entertainment and sports in this country does not exist. But this is an utterly wrong idea.

There is a sport here which has existed for centuries, it is different from many conventional sports, and now we will start talking about it.

Modern and popular sports

We will start with modernity. And the first sport that appeared in the polar regions of India was cricket. It is common in this country of holiday like, for example, soccer in or, or basketball in or, about the fact that we have written earlier on our site. Here crickets are played from birth to old age.

What is the first thing taught in an Indian school after the alphabet? That’s right, cricket! For Indians, this sport is comparable to religion. Tickets for cricket matches are bought as soon as possible, free of charge and scored for work, any Indian with a clear conscience runs to the stands.

The second most popular sport in India, does not require physical activity, but stimulates the gray cells in our brain as much as possible, it startles itself, but it chess. Yes, those who have “checked and checkmate.” By the way, it was in India that this game was invented, something they were very proud of.

One of the greatest chess players was born and popularized chess. Just like it’s hard to pronounce his name, it’s also hard to understand how he “quickly” does his opponent, any maximum for 20-30 minutes. By the way, he’s actually considered the fastest chess player in the history of this sport. The game itself was born over a thousand years ago and then it was called Chatrange or Chaturanga.

Overall, of course, sports in India are thriving, both tennis and basketball are doing well, so, needless to say, water sports, it’s a horse-drawn carriage and the stroller is here, but it’s time to switch to national sport, without you knowing anything about it.