The first female athlete to recognize homosexuality in India (Part 2)

Chand’s sister Saraswati is a police officer. She was also a track and field athlete. It was her sister who encouraged Chand to become an athlete not to be famous and to make a lot of money but to simply have a job to sustain life.

Saraswati has been Chand’s advisor for many years but is now “like an enemy”. Saraswati told the media that Chand was wrong to have an affair with other women without her permission.

Chand’s Silver Medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta was the first in India’s women’s 100m run after 20 years. Chand also won a silver medal in the women’s 200m running event in this congress.

Dutee Chand won the Silver Medal for the 100m Women’s Run at the 2018 Asian Games.

In addition, she also won a bronze medal in the women’s 200m run at the Asian Championships in April 2019. With these achievements, the Indian athlete qualifies for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Chand idol athletes Usain Bolt and Caster Semenya. Since winning the medal, Chand’s name is known by many people.

Chand’s openly publicized actions are considered by many to be brave. A friend named Payoshni Mitra said that Chand’s decision showed the athleticism and courage of an athlete.

“She does not defy everything, does not turn away from family, friends, society but simply wants to say who she is and what she wants,” Payoshni Mitra said. However, the media attention greatly affected her private life. Chand’s girlfriend also comes from a poor textile family.

This woman had to move to Odisha, Bhubaneshwar to continue studying. “I asked her to transfer school because the media attention and public opinion would affect her studies,” Chand said.

The two women met in 2016, sharing sports love. Two years later, through a WhatsApp message sent on Valentine’s Day, Chand and her girlfriend officially publicly dating. Chand said she wants to continue her career as an athlete until the 2024 Olympics.

Later, when her girlfriend is finished studying, the two will live together in Bhubaneshwar, near the famous Konark sun temple, every day, have time to walk along the beach together.