The first female athlete to recognize homosexuality in India (Part 1)

Recently, Dutee Chand, India’s most famous athlete, publicly admitted homosexuality surprised many people. Many people believe that Dutee Chand has the courage to live true to herself but in reality, she is facing a lot of grievances from public opinion.

“No one can live without love”

Dutee Chand is known as India’s fastest sprint runner. At the same time, she is also the first athlete of this country to reveal a homosexual relationship. “I simply want to say that I am having a very happy relationship with a woman,” Dutee Chand told the Guardian newspaper in a recent interview in May.

Chand was born and raised in a village in India, where homosexuality was never mentioned. Unlike in the city – where modern young people have a more open perception of personal freedom, many in rural India hold the traditional view that marriage can only occur between men and women. female.

When Chand said he was gay, the people of Chaka Gopalpur village in Odisha, eastern India, reacted violently. Previously, they were the voices of support and pride when she was the first Indian woman eligible to participate in the Olympics at a distance of 100m.

“The people of the village said, I humiliated them. I’m not welcome, even intimidated, but that’s not a big deal. It takes time for everyone in the village to get used to this story, ”said Chand.

The bravery of an athlete

Chand is 23 years old. She has become a pioneer in the struggle for the protection of the rights of the LGBT community in India. She grew up in a poor family of 5 siblings. Her family lives on sari weaving. “I started practicing athletics at the age of 10. Because of my poor family, I could not eat as well as my friends. The family’s basic food is rice and vegetables, ”says Chand.