Ritu Phogat’ dream of becoming the No. 1 Indian female boxer (Part 1)

Debuting at ONE: Age of Dragons on Saturday, November 16, the young lady of the Indian martial arts village Ritu Phogat did not hide her ambition to become the leading mixed martial artist in the country of billions of people.

Runner-up of the World Championship, with the gold medal at Wrestling Commonwealth in 2016 is what you can describe Ritu Phogat, a 1994-year-old Indian female wrestler who will make her ONE Championship debut at the ONE: Age event of Dragons on 11/16 here.

Fighting female innate wrestling

Born into a wrestling family, under the guidance of her father Mahavier Singh Phogat – a former Olympic wrestling coach of India, Ritu Phogat soon revealed the gift of a potential athlete when she was 8 years old. Sticking with and seeing Wrestling as the path that I would follow throughout the next time, 8 years later, Ritu Phogat decided to become a professional wrestler and achieve consecutive successes at the national level and regions from 2016 to 2019.

However, with the strong introduction of the wave of mixed martial arts and the presence of ONE Championship – the world’s leading martial arts tournament, Phogat has once again made an important decision for her career: try with a tough free stage.

In the course of wrestling competition, both Ritu Phogat and her family admitted that she had become a fan of mixed martial arts ever since. With the strong spread of the Internet, the movement of training, monitoring and recently martial arts competition has really exploded.

Ritu Phogat is no exception, the young female fighter senses a special attraction from the competition law that allows the fighter to be able to strike from any situation, urging her to go further on. The road to becoming a champion.

“I always wanted something different, I asked myself a question: Why do we not have a champion for ther subject, that inspired me to pursue the practice of mixed martial arts?”.