Indian coach at the Asian Cup: ‘We exchanged blood, sweat, tears to come here’

Share with the press, not only the players but even the Indian coach Stephen Constantine could not hide his emotions after the historic victory over Thailand.

The Asian Cup made us very excited. The whole team had to exchange blood, sweat and tears to be able to come here. Of course, the encounter with the UAE will be a completely different game. They are The team is good, but we will only treat the UAE like any team that appears on the road, “The National quoted 57-year-old strategist.

Most underestimated in Group A, but after the match, many people must have a different view of the Indian team. The defensive kicking style is full of science and speed, helping the “Blue Tigers” to make a tremor when knocking down the Thai team with a score of 4-1.

This victory greatly inspired the army of coach Stephen Constantine. And according to the English teacher, it is time for the Indian team to escape the image of a weak team in Asia.

Coach Constantine believes that now is the right time for Indian football to make changes

“We came here with the goal of getting through the group stage and I think it is time to get rid of the usual bad image of the Indian team. Everyone has seen what we can do. We are the team. young, healthy and running to the last minute, “57-year-old coach confirmed.

This victory not only brought the first victory for Indian football in 54 years, but also opened the door to the knockout round for coach Constantine and his students. Talking about this issue, the British strategist was extremely excited.

After ending the first half with a 1-1 draw, according to coach Constantine, he made tactical changes for the entire team during the break. And the result came to this captain when his students scored three consecutive goals, thereby fixing the score 4-1 of the match.

The changes of coach Constantine bring sweet fruits to the Indian team

The shock victory against Thailand helped the Indian team take the top spot in Group A after the first match. However, with the English strategist, the tournament is still ahead, and the players need to return to the ground immediately after this match.