Learning about Mullakhamb – a unique sport in India (Part 2)

India is sometimes called the birthplace of chess, which is not entirely true. Modern chess is just a distant descendant of ancient Indian chaturanga game, which has four participants, and the movements are determined by throwing dice. And just through a long evolutionary process, which spread from India to the Middle East and then penetrated […]

Learning about Mullakhamb – a unique sport in India (Part 1)

India is the first Asian country to participate in the Olympic movement. Indian athletes participated in the 1900 Olympics in Paris, where N. Prichard won silver medals in the 200m and 200m obstacles. Since 1920, India has been represented at every Olympic Games. Indian athletes have achieved excellent results in hockey competitions. The Indian team […]

Why it is difficult for sports to develop in India? (Part 3)

Lakshmibai National Physical Education College was established by a decision of the government and the National Physical Education Council in Gwalior in 1957. One of the two institutes of physical education and sport in the country. Preparing physical education teachers and teachers for schools, colleges and universities, conducting research in the field of physical education […]

Why it is difficult for sports to develop in India? (Part 2)

Dimkhana Ground Stadium is also located in the capital of India. It can accommodate about 60 thousand people and has a hockey and football playground, a track and field. Two large stadiums are located in the state capital of Maharashtra, Bombay: the cricket club stadium of India (accommodating about 40,000 people) and Ovalground Stadium (20,000 […]

Why it is difficult for sports to develop in India? (Part 1)

India’s sports affairs are governed by an Indian Ministry of Education ministry, headed by a sports advisor. Under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education, the National Board of Sports and Physical Education operates. Its duties include coordinating sports work in all states of the country, organizing competitions, developing sports center construction. Physical education […]

Kalaripayattu – the ancient Indian martial arts

Indian culture is very diverse and colorful, with an endless list of cultures such as cuisine, religion, martial arts, traditional games … to Kalaripayattu – an intangible cultural heritage of India. Kalaripayattu was born in the 3rd century BC. With a history of more than 3000 years of history, Kalaripayattu is considered to be the […]

Basics about the traditional mud wrestling in India (Part 2)

Jayant Babu, a former wrestler, who now owns a dairy factory in Mumbai, recalls: “In the past, we were instructed to practice mainly with traditional and very manual exercises with the Homemade tools such as carts, rolling wheels, wiring machines, banana plantations.” These movements are thought to be circus techniques, but they are very effective […]

Basics about the traditional mud wrestling in India (Part 1)

Mud wrestling not only exists and thrives in the remote village of Guru Hanuman Akhara, but also in rural parts of India. Willpower and intelligence are the treasures needed in an athlete of this unique traditional sport. Every three months, competitions take place in each locality, after which the wrestlers will represent their village to […]