After the Commonwealth Games, India has high expectations for the sport industry (Part 2)

It is a clear fact that sports powers like the US, China and Russia is not at CWG, while in Asia are China, Japan and South Korea. The second is that at CWG, there are only Australia and England, although England ranked 2nd on the medal rankings at the 2016 Olympics.

In other words, India’s performance at CWG 2018 shows just what sports they can hope for. For example, more than half of the 66 medals are in 3 subjects: shooting, wrestling, and weightlifting. More specifically, in shooting, the Indian athletes won 16 medals, while the three countries leading the 2016 Olympics were Italy, Germany and China. As for ASIAD 2014, India was only ranked 8th in the medal rankings, also led by China, South Korea and Kazakhstan.

To wrestling, although India won 12 medals at CWG 2018 but at the 2016 Olympics, led by Russia, Japan, Cuba and the US, in 2014 ASIAD was Iran, Japan and Korea (India ranked second). 7). By weightlifting, India won 9 CWG 2018 medals but the 2016 Olympic Games are China, Iran and Thailand, while in ASIAD 2014 are China, Korea, Taiwan (China) and India even I will not be listed on the medal list.

Also, fans certainly do not expect India to improve performance in boxing or table tennis, although they have won 9 and 8 medals at CWG 2018 respectively. Indian sports have many medals, they do not encounter too much competition.

Of course, saying that does not mean Indian sports won nothing at ASIAD because they have strengths in badminton, shooting and wrestling.

India at ASIAD

The first Asian Games was held in Delhi in 1951 and, of course, India has been attending ASIAD ever since. In fact, they are one of the seven countries to be present at the Asian Games, alongside Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand. However, despite winning at least 1 gold medal at each ASIAD period, the overall performance of India is not really impressive. Rather, Indian sports have never won more than 15 gold medals at a congress, of which the highest was 15 gold medals in 1951 and the lowest was a gold medal in 1990.