Fire Safety Equipment Dealer Chandigarh

Fire Hydrants

We are the most prominent name in the fire industry for producing and dealing in world-class fire hydrants for schools, offices and other commercial buildings. We have the age-old experience in providing our clients superior quality fire hydrants. Our fire hydrants comprises of high-quality valve produced with optimum quality material to handle extreme pressure. Our products boast of classic designs as well as customized designed according to various requirements. These fire hydrants can be installed at a standalone system to the specific building place where it can be easily accessible to people to be used in firelike conditions. It provides you rapid water supply and also we have tested our fire hydrants on various measures to assure that they are leakproof and have excellent water pressure rate. Our fire hydrants are designed to be the backbone of all the fire-security system for you.

Fire Sprinkler

Our store has the most distinctive and distinguished range of fire sprinklers produced from superior quality raw material to be successful on the industrial parameters. Our fire sprinkler system is designed diligently to render our patrons the most accurate and optimum product. The vast range of fire sprinklers is praised for its corrosion-resistance, sturdiness and apprehendable performance and precise designs. The fire sprinklers are prepared with quality ensured material to provide durability and strength. We always assure our clients about the quality and durability of our products and these fire sprinklers never let us down. These products are available in customized designs and in cost-effective price-range.

Fire Alarms

Our company is reputed for producing and delivering fire alarms to various manufacturing units, commercial buildings and educational institutions. These fire alarms have a sturdy construct and are capable of swift response due to their automated mechanism. Designed and prepared by expert engineers, these fire alarms completely support your fire-protection systems by detecting fire and producing alarming signals. These fire alarms are prepared under expert supervision and have passed the industrial measure of competence and credibility. The exceptional performance of these fire alarms is the hallmark of our company’s reputation and name. We install the high-quality, extremely responsive and budget-friendly fire alarms at your place.

Stay Secure and Protected with Real Star Fire Components

1. Fire extinguishers
a. Water Type Fire Extinguisher
b. ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
c. CO2 Fire Extinguisher
d. Foam Fire Extinguisher
e. Clean Agent – Fire Extinguisher

2. Mobile Fire Extinguisher
a. Water co2 type -50 ltrs.
b. Foam-50 ltrs.
c. Dry powder- 50 kg
d. CO2 carbon dioxide 6,9 and 22.5 kg.

3. Modular Fire Extinguisher
a. Clean Agent – Fire Extinguisher 5&10 kg
b. ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher 5&10 kg

4. Fire Hydrants Accessories
b. Single Hydrant Valve
c. Double Hydrant Vlave
d. Branch Pipe
e. Delivery Hose Coupling
f. Hose Box
g. Fire Hose
h. Hose Reel Drum

5. Sprinklers
a. All type of sprinklers.
b. Spray nozzle.
c. Alarm valves.
d. Deluge valve

6.Alarm System
a. All types of Detectors.
b. Panels.
c. Manual call points.
d. Response Indicators.
e. Hooter

7. Suppressions Systems
a. Co2 flooding system
b. Fm 200 and other gas suppression.