Badminton: Pusarla Venkata Sindhu is … the richest female athlete in Asiad (Part 1)

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu made the home fans crazy after winning the women’s singles.

“I donate this championship to my country and I’m very proud to be Indian,” said Pusarla Venkata Sindhu after beating Japanese player Nozomi Okuhara 21-7, 21-7 in the women’s singles final. August 25.

Sindhu rejoiced after winning the women’s singles finals at the world championship

Sindhu has a large following in her home town. As a result, she has many sponsorship contracts and is one of the most profitable female athletes in the world. However, that also comes with expectations. After the Olympic Silver HC, fans in India wanted Sindhu to bring the world championship home.

“I have no words to say now, because I have been waiting for this title for a long time. Last time, I won silver HC and in the end, I won the world championship. So, I am really very fun, “said the 24-year-old player

With an income of $ 5.5 million per year, Sindhu is ranked 13th on Forbes list of the highest-paid athletes and the only Indian on this list. This is Sindhu’s fifth medal in the world championship. Before that, she won two silver and two bronze medals.

“Sindhu’s incredible talent once again makes India proud! Congratulations on winning the gold medal at the World Championships,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote on Twitter.

The Indian newspaper put Sindhu on the cover. The Hindustan Times called her achievement a new peak in the nation’s sports.

Badminton player India – Ms. Pusarla Venkata Sindhu – became the richest female athlete in Asia 2018 after she reached the top 10 female money-making athletes announced by Forbes Magazine. The presence of Pusarla Venkata Sindhu in the top 10 shows that badminton has also found a solemn place next to the sport of tennis nobility.

Indian female tennis player ranked No. 1 in the world, going to WTA history

After two championships at the Indian Wells and the Miami Open, Martina Hingis with 28-year-old Indian tennis player, Sania Mirza continues to crown in the Family Circle Cup (Charleston) for the women’s doubles.

Hingis and Mirza took only 57 minutes to beat Casey Dellacqua- Darija Jurak 6-0, 6-4 in the clay court final. The title earned them $ 731,000 in prize money. But not only that.

With Hingis first, Sania won another 470 points, thereby bringing the total score of the WTA rankings to 7965. This score helped Sania surpass the players Sara Errani (7640) and Roberta Vinci (7640) to climb to a high position. the most in the WTA Women’s Top players ranked in the doubles content.

“When you were little and started playing tennis, you always dreamed of being the best player in the world. It was anyone’s dream. I feel really honored to have the highest position, that is the goal that I spend my career and my life to strive for, I hope that my achievement will help the girls in tennis industry believe that nothing is impossible. Success if you really pay attention and strive for it, “shared Mirza after the game.

Before Sania, only three Asian female players achieved this feat. That is, Ai Sugiyama of Japan, Peng Shuai of China and Hsieh Su-wei of Taiwan. In the late 1990s, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhuapthi were the two male tennis players from India to reach the No. 1 position in men’s doubles.

Mirza has been playing tennis since she was 6 and entered professional competitions in 2003. In the singles category, she was the first Indian tennis player to win the WTA title in 2005. In the same year, Mirza won the highest achievement in the round of 4 US Open. Injury continued to block Mirza’s progress in the singles event.

The joy of the Indian fans is present in the stands

However, when it came to the content of doubles, success quickly came to this girl born in 1986. She became the first Indian tennis player to win a Grand Slam when she partnered with Mahesh Bhupathi at the 2009 Australian Open. And now, with Hingis, the joy continues to come to Mirza.

The Family Circle Cup is the third consecutive title they have gotten together after Indian Wells and the Miami Open. These two players also lost only 3 sets in the last 14 matches.

Indian football – such a forgotten giant (Part 2)

Chhetri is currently India’s highest level player. He made his way into the reserve team of Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon (where Cristiano Ronaldo was born) in July 2012, in the “biggest transfer of Indian football history”, according to commentator Arunava Chaudhuri. Another motivation for Indian sport comes from history.

To defeat the British

Indian fans cheered Lionel Messi on, but if Leo was born there, he wouldn’t have been as good as he is now.

The British colonial army has brought football to India since the 19th century and the Indian team defeated the national teams themselves to win the national championship trophy in 1911, one of the beginning steps for the journey. fight for independence. But now, the English Premier League is “dominating” Indian football in a new way. At the Bhutia Football Academy in Delhi, Somil, Vansh and Tannay (14) said every boy’s dream there was to go to Europe to play football: “In the Premier League, I support Chelsea, and in La Liga It’s Barcelona, ​​”said Somil. “But I don’t know much about Indian football.”

In December 2010, AIFF signed a $ 1.3 million deal for 15 years with sports management company IMG Reliance, an Indian branch, to promote the development of domestic football. Dhar says improving I-League is a priority. But that was more than two years ago, and experts say they haven’t seen any significant improvements. AIFF also held friendlies against Venezuela and Argentina (with Lionel Messi) in 2011, bringing to the Salk Lake stadium the number of spectators filled with 120,000 seats in Kolkata just to see the idol. But those hit events made little sense, as local matches were still abandoned.

Last year, Celebrity Management Group hosted a soccer tournament called Premier League Soccer, costing about $ 7 million, for retired World Cup players, including the former France international. Robert Pires. However, the stadiums were not prepared at the right time, resulting in the tournament being postponed indefinitely and forgotten. Again, those efforts did not create a significant improvement in the domestic playground.

Kolkata’s teams, Bohun Bagan and East Bengal, are the strongest Indian clubs with a 86-year history of rivalry, comparable to the Scottish teams Celtic and Rangers. In fact, a Kolkata derby can easily attract about 100,000 spectators to the field.

Five football betting tips to increase your winning rate (Part 2)

Only bet when you have sure the information

Players must understand the information related to the match from the starting line-up, the performance pattern, coaches, recent achievements, confrontation history between the two teams to assess in a general way.

If you do not know anything about a team or an upcoming match, it is best not to try to bet because it will be challenging to keep the right golden time with other experienced players.

Once you have a good grasp of the teams as well as a strong odds bet, make a bold bet. Each day the house organizes a lot of different bets, so you don’t have to risk when you’re not sure. This is the football betting trick shared by the most successful players.

Reasonable wagering

Smart players are people who know how to manage and distribute their bets appropriately. Make a detailed plan with details of how much a bet is a match if you win each time and lose there is serious damage.

After each day, you sum up the money spent and receive interest as to how to gain experience and timely adjustment of the bet so that the most reasonable.

You should not put all your savings or salary into betting. Criticize a small part of your income and enter the bet in the spirit of entertainment, winning not taking, not losing, unfortunately. As long as the amount you bet does not affect your work and life as well as those around you.

Determine the purpose of participation

Before betting, you need to determine whether the goal is to make money or entertain.

If you consider betting as a business to make money, play seriously, equip yourself with the necessary knowledge related to betting.

If you just participate for fun, you should not put a lot of money and do not need to consider winning.

Absolutely not let emotions or external factors dominate when betting. Try to keep the mind in the most alert state to see the problem and analyze whether the rafters are effective.

Indian football – such a forgotten giant (Part 1)

If the future of Indian football lies on the feet of the prodigies, then the prodigies are dreaming on the foreign turf, not in their homeland. Problems inherent in the past four decades have dragged a nation from 149 to 209 on FIFA’s rankings, prompting FIFA President Sepp Blatter to call Indian football a “sleeping giant”.

However, the Indian Football Federation (AIFF) has just appointed Dutch expert Robert Baan as their first technical director, a glimmer of the ability to awaken football potential in the country 1, 2 billion people.

World Cup goals

It is still too early to talk about, but Baan believes that with the continued development of young training institutions, India may be ready to participate in the 2022 World Cup, “or more realistic, 2026 or 2030”. “It will take more than 10 years for Indian players to reach the level of Japan and South Korea,” Baan proposed the roadmap.

AIFF has opened football academies across the country, free for students, to teach culture along with football training. AIFF’s first academy was opened in Navi, Mumbai in May 2012, the second was in September 2012, the latest was a student in Goa and a fourth school was nearing completion in Bangalore.

“I think this is the first positive step that Indian football and AIFF have taken in 30 years,” said Sunando Dhar, CEO of IIFF’s I-League. Until the 1970s, India, despite its love for cricket, remained one of the strongest teams in Asia.

The Indian national team was invited to FIFA to participate in the 1950 World Cup in Brazil (at that time there was no qualifying). However, India was unable to go to Brazil. According to football historian Gautam Roy, the train trip was too expensive and the players could not meet the mandatory requirement of wearing shoes to play football, as they used to play only barefoot.

Despite high hopes, Dhar knew he needed to be cautious: “India lacks a passion for sport and is not really a country of sport.” Indeed, India has seldom made an impression in the Olympics and the most popular mass sport, in general, is still cricket. But Indian national football team captain Sunil Chhetri said that it was hard because the hard work was worth doing.

5 football betting tips to increase your win rate (Part 1)

When participating in betting you need to grasp some good football betting tips to minimize risks and increase the odds of winning higher. Here are 5 football betting tips to help you master how to play soccer betting without losing.

1. Watch the market carefully before placing your bet

Viewing markets is considered a very important step that greatly affects the outcome of a player’s winning or losing bet. So to achieve high results, first improve your skills to make accurate decisions.

You can consult the expert dealer or experienced players that you believe in or learn through the most prestigious blogs and bookmakers to know how to view the standard.

2. Control yourself

Football betting is a type of entertainment that attracts a large player, so if you do not control yourself well, players will easily be deeply entrenched and turn the entertainment game into a social evil with difficult consequences. measure. If you do not pay attention to this betting trick, then the odds of losing your football bet are very high.

Football betting, although protected by the law as an entertainment service business with high profits, has not been considered a legal game because it is still very organized by black organizations to take advantage of fraud to make money. causing many people to play “empty-handed” because they cannot control their capital.

usiness with high profits, has not been considered a legal game because it is still very organized by black organizations to take advantage of fraud to make money. causing many people to play “empty-handed” because they cannot control their capital.

At best, you should only bet up to 3 matches in a day, regardless of whether they are won or lost. Because when you bet too much in a day you will not be able to catch the whole situation, not knowing what is right, what is wrong and when the mind is disturbed you cannot make the right decision.

When losing, do not try to remove the gauze, it is necessary to carefully study new matches to bet more accurately, to avoid losing money.

After the Commonwealth Games, India has high expectations for the sport industry (Part 2)

It is a clear fact that sports powers like the US, China and Russia is not at CWG, while in Asia are China, Japan and South Korea. The second is that at CWG, there are only Australia and England, although England ranked 2nd on the medal rankings at the 2016 Olympics.

In other words, India’s performance at CWG 2018 shows just what sports they can hope for. For example, more than half of the 66 medals are in 3 subjects: shooting, wrestling, and weightlifting. More specifically, in shooting, the Indian athletes won 16 medals, while the three countries leading the 2016 Olympics were Italy, Germany and China. As for ASIAD 2014, India was only ranked 8th in the medal rankings, also led by China, South Korea and Kazakhstan.

To wrestling, although India won 12 medals at CWG 2018 but at the 2016 Olympics, led by Russia, Japan, Cuba and the US, in 2014 ASIAD was Iran, Japan and Korea (India ranked second). 7). By weightlifting, India won 9 CWG 2018 medals but the 2016 Olympic Games are China, Iran and Thailand, while in ASIAD 2014 are China, Korea, Taiwan (China) and India even I will not be listed on the medal list.

Also, fans certainly do not expect India to improve performance in boxing or table tennis, although they have won 9 and 8 medals at CWG 2018 respectively. Indian sports have many medals, they do not encounter too much competition.

Of course, saying that does not mean Indian sports won nothing at ASIAD because they have strengths in badminton, shooting and wrestling.

India at ASIAD

The first Asian Games was held in Delhi in 1951 and, of course, India has been attending ASIAD ever since. In fact, they are one of the seven countries to be present at the Asian Games, alongside Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand. However, despite winning at least 1 gold medal at each ASIAD period, the overall performance of India is not really impressive. Rather, Indian sports have never won more than 15 gold medals at a congress, of which the highest was 15 gold medals in 1951 and the lowest was a gold medal in 1990.

After the Commonwealth Games, India has high expectations for the sport industry (Part 1)

The Commonwealth Games is not a measure

Medal rain is rarely heard about Indian sports in international tournaments. However, this is the achievement that the second most populous country in the world achieved at the 2018 Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Carrara, Australia last April.

With 66 medals won, including 26 gold medals, 20 silver medals and 20 bronze medals, India ranked third after Australia (198 medals) and England (136 medals). This achievement has made the media attention, as well as make fans happy and shows the significance of Jawaharlal Nehru’s decision to join the Prosperity in 1949. If not, India may not be a city. Prosecutors and beyond will never attend CWG.

In 1949, Nehru said that becoming a member of the Prosperity brought many benefits that India could not ignore. Yet, no matter what the benefits, Nehru may not have seen the CWG, originally called Empire Games, which is helping to promote Indian sports. It should be added that thanks to Nehru’s interest in sports, the first Asian Games was held in Delhi in 1951.

However, while India has made great efforts at ASIAD over the years, the sport has slipped out of the top 5 countries to win many medals and fell to sixth place, after China and Japan, Korea, Iran and even Kazakhstan.

Therefore, the fact that India is constantly in the top 5 of CWG seems not to be a measure of the success of the sport in this country, especially when in the history of Olympic, Indian athletes only won 28 chapter, including 9 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 12 bronze medals.

It should be added that at CWG in 2018, 66 medals were not the best in India because in 2002 they won 69 medals and in Delhi in 2010, they won 101 medals. Therefore, although very optimistic, not many people believe that Indian sports will do the same thing in ASIAD Indonesia and beyond the Olympic 2020.